Kuvat: Petra Lönnqvist

I’ll be your mermaid, caught on your rock
Coming for your aid, isn’t it odd?
Isn’t it silly, now that you know?
Someone this slippery, can’t let you go

Believe me, it is true
You know that I would jump too
You know that I would jump too
Ooh, into the blue, into the blue
It’s proof, ’cause we got nothing to lose
And there ain’t nothing to prove
You know I’d jump with you

Like the oceans dancing with a storm, I will dance with you
While my waves enclose you ’til you’re warm, like the water’s glue
Hold your breath and let me count to three, when you really know it’s right
Take my hand, we’ll dive into the sea

Skott – Mermaid

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